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The creative force behind Pearlz & Chainz, the Designer, Tracie Marie, embodies the attributes of the women she is designing for.

My eye for design began in college, when I was given a vintage leather coat from my mother. I immediately had the lapels re-cut to give it a more modern appeal. After losing the original belt, I then created a new belt for the coat. Little did I know that this would spark in me the desire to reconstruct and tailor every garment in my wardrobe; thus, launching my obsession with detail, luxury, fine finish, and tailoring.

Inspired by the love of fashion and the inherent ability to style clothing, I set out to create a ready-to-wear brand that is accessible to the masses. A brand consisting of both whole garments and separates that are staples; timeless, elegant pieces that you will always want to have in your closet to wear.

Pearlz & Chainz is comprised of womens’ clothing and accessories that are beautifully constructed with great attention to detail. They are innovative and modern designs crafted with the natural curves of a woman in mind. Manufactured in the United States, each garment consists of rich textures and hues with tailored silhouettes that accentuate the beauty of a woman’s body.

With a clear vision of its customer identity within the industry’s landscape, Pearlz & Chainz enters this new market dynamic with a detail-oriented focus, a fresh voice, and a clean, vibrant aesthetic. It’s designed for the Sexy, Sophisticated women with a unique personal style. A woman who knows what she wants and figures out how to get it. A woman that is comfortable in her own skin and in her ability to accentuate her softer, feminine side, while at the same time demonstrating a strength, power, and confidence with a little bit of an edge...all easily identifiable with one look, one glance, without uttering a single word.

I invite you to visit the site, shop the clothing and accessories, and take a journey into my world…The World of Pearlz & Chainz.

Thank you!
Tracie Marie

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